The “Journal of Basic and Applied Research in Biomedicine” was first published in 2015 as “Journal of basic and applied research”. Since 2019, the title of the journal was changed to “Journal of basic and applied research in biomedicine”. It is an independent, international, double-blind peer-reviewed journal with a broad scope that covers all aspects related to biomedical sciences and human health. Two volumes are published every year and the manuscript is published in electronic formats as soon as it is accepted. The journal is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License and all published articles are freely available. The goal of the journal is to encourage biomedical science research and information exchange. With your kind cooperation and assistance, the Journal of Basic and Applied Research in Biomedicine will take great care in getting your work published as soon as possible.


Scope of the Journal

Journal of Basic and Applied Research in Biomedicine covers all aspects related to human health and biomedical sciences. This includes all basic and applied aspects of biomedical sciences. The journal publishes original articles in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, allied health sciences, and medicinal chemistry. Also, biological, and environmental research reporting a significant impact on human health are considered. The journal publishes articles in five major categories: Original Articles, Short Communication, Review Articles, Study case, and Case series.